The art of Thank-You Notes


I’m reading a thank-you note from a bride right now. It makes me smile. I can’t help but think, “Her mother should be proud.” I was brought up being taught, and frequently reminded, the importance of demonstrating gratitude through a hand written note. It’s so easy now to send a text, Facebook message, or email instead, but there is still something heartwarming and satisfying about receiving a card in the mail! Not to mention, Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette Book demands it!

I turn to Emily Post’s books often as a guide for proper etiquette. She lays it all out, from when a thank-you note should be written and what should be included, to what kind of stationary is required. Not only that, but she provides examples of what to say for gifts of money, acts of kindness, and to those who host a shower or party. When I was a bride, I was overwhelmed by the kindness of family and friends and their excitement to honor my soon-to-be husband and me. The monetary support, special cards and gifts, showers, and parties were appreciated beyond words! While experiencing it all for the first time, I depended on resources to help me understand how I should show my gratitude.

Now, I enjoy offering suggestions to other brides. I can share cherished traditions and contemporary ideas for their joyous day, but ultimately, the follow through is their decision. I enjoy moments like this, as I admire a beautiful thank you card, with a picture on the front capturing complete love between the bride and groom. Inside is a thoughtful handwritten paragraph, stating specifically the gratitude for my gift and service, and why they are so happy to have received it. The note was in addition to the pre-printed general message. This is a “proud planner” moment. On another “note”, hand written messages on favors are a sweet idea too, but I’ll save that topic for another day.

[Photo credit Snapp-Shot Photography]