Love is Passionate, Blissful, Dynamic, and Great!

Michelle Myers – Owner and Wedding Planner

So many engagements take place in December, January, and February!!!  If you are the couple of the moment, Congratulations!!  Enjoy rejoicing with your parents and friends!!  Make your engagement months enjoyable and enlist the help of a professional wedding coordinator!!  Michelle’s Main Event can help you plan an ideal wedding that personalizes the style to reflect who you are, where you have been, and the direction you intend to go!!

Couples thank me time and time again for being their advocate, helping them understand tradition and assuring them it’s ok to forgo it sometimes, relying on tact and sensitivity, considering the needs of the elderly or challenging guests, providing roles and activities for children, and most of all, anticipating potential problems which only comes with experience!

Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness when planning your wedding.  I use five letters and a little saying to guide clients on what to do in the early stages.  LPBDG.  (L)ove is (P)assionate, (B)lissful, (D)ynamic, and (G)reat.  L stands for love and also location.  Love is the reason we are here and one of the early priorities is determining the location for both the ceremony and the reception.  P stands for passionate and also planning.  Love is passionate and so am I, especially when it comes to planning weddings and making your day special.  Secure my planning services early!  I often work with clients for twelve months to plan every detail of their wedding.  Even if only month of services are requested, my calendar books up quickly.  B stands for blissful and also budget.  There are many blissful ways to love and save money!  The planner will have several tricks up her sleeve, but discussing finances and setting a realistic budget in the beginning is key.  D stands for dynamic and also date.  Lovers can make a dynamic team, but before vendors and locations are secured, a date must be set!  Time of year, day of the week, and time of day all must be considered.  G stands for great and also guest list.  The size of your wedding, determined by your guest list, will go hand in hand with selecting the venue.  All five of these priorities go hand in hand and are often decided depending on one another.  Make these your first steps and the early planning stages will be great!

Call us today and we can help make your engagement stress free!  Keep watch for a special Valentine’s promotion!