A little splash of color goes a long way. When I work with brides, the color conversation is sometimes the hardest! I always suggest starting with two to three colors in mind, which blend your dream wedding visualization and your venue with the season. Now sometimes that means we have to take some time to select the venue and date first, but those are two BIG decisions that come early in the engagement process anyway!Festive Socks

Since the colors provide the feel for the day, it’s important to make choices that both the bride and the groom can live with for life! Planners and floral designers can also assist with accent colors that will make the main attire and décor colors really POP! We take into account the tuxedo colors for the groom and groomsmen, the dress style and colors for the bridesmaids, and then discuss accent colors. The bride pictured below, chose rustic décor, attire in navy and grey, and had so much fun adding watermelon accents! We love the socks, flip flops, and pink converse for the bride!

In terms of attire, we fell in love fast with the ring bearer and flower girl. suspendersLittle William was able to match the groomsmen with his grey trousers and hat. He also sported the converse, in navy, and pulled in both navy and watermelon with his suspenders and bow tie.

flowergirlsFor Miss Emma, we changed it up, allowing her to POP with the watermelon dress, adding a navy accent to her headband and jewels matching the bridesmaids.

Flowers should be a huge consideration when finalizing colors! Your blooms can beautify the color scheme! Our floral designer spiced it up with some coral

flowergirlssGerbera Daisies, in addition to the watermelon, and it was oh so pretty! And check out this bridesmaid and her shoes, her lipstick, and the ribbon tied necklace! Beautiful!

While lanterns, candles, and other rustic décor served as centerpieces, we tied the daisies with burlap string and accentuated tables with the watermelon splash!wineflutes

And don’t forget the cake! We’ve done “cake splashes” with flowers, berries, ribbon, and so much more! As your wedding planner, we can say, it’s all in the details, and we’ll finalize them for you! We can have so much fun with color splashes!!cake


[Photo credits Alexander White Photography]